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Aligned Modern Health Functional Medicine and Nutrition Speaker Series

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This is not your typical nutrition seminar series. We are partnering up with the experts from Aligned Modern Health to present thought provoking content that will help you get to the root cause of issues holding you back from performing your best during training and on race day. 

Not only will you have an opportunity to meet the entire Functional Medicine team from Aligned Modern Health, they will also guide us through a holistic approach to improving your overall health as an athlete with building topics June through September. 

Topics will be offered at multiple locations, dates and times throughout the city during this summer seminar series – we hope you will be able to join us for a unique experience.

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June:  Reading Labels and Understanding Ingredients 

This presentation will cover such topics as understanding how to approach reading a food label; decoding deceiving health claims found on packaged products; identifying ingredients that can impair an athlete’s performance including hormone disruptors and pro carcinogens; and identifying ingredients specific to sport supplement products that can make or break performance. 

  • Presented by Olivia Wagner RD  on Sunday, June 25th at 11am at Old Town and at 5:30pm at South Loop 

July:  Top Reasons You Are Fatigued and How the Adrenals Can Affect Your Training 

Healthy ADRENAL function is imperative in endurance sports if you want to feel your best during all aspects of training. The adrenal glands are responsible for responding to stress. That stress can be mental, emotional, and/or physical. There’s no doubt about it, exercise in all forms is physically stressful, but particularly with endurance or high intensity training. This is why if you are an athlete – be it weekend warrior or competitive – knowledge of adrenal function and what signs and symptoms to watch for is critical.

This presentation will cover such topics as the adrenal glands and their role; the symptoms of adrenal stress and how it affects your training; and how adrenal stress is measured through laboratory analysis and its treatment.

August:  Hydration and Recovery 

Learn about the proper ways to hydrate during your workout and how to recover afterwards. 

  • Presented by Olivia Wagner, RD on Sunday, August 20th, 3pm at Old Town and at 5:30 pm at South Loop 

September:  GI dysfunction in the Runner 

Does digestive distress interfere with your performance? With nearly 50% of long distance runners suffering from unpleasant GI symptoms you are not alone. 

This presentation will cover the altered GI physiology in the endurance athlete; inflammation and disruption of intestinal permeability; functional medicine testing to determine and address modifiable factors including food sensitivity, intestinal permeability and microbe assessment; and highlight key nutrients and supplements to support digestive function. 



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