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Why is it important to shop local? Shopping local keeps your dollars in the local economy and supports the community. Shopping local creates and provides jobs to people in your community while increase the value of property in the neighborhood. Shopping local allows local business to contribute more to charities that serve the community. Shopping local makes your community unique.

#1  Keep More Dollars in Chicago's Economy - 57% MORE


Chicago - Six Corners Civic Economics Study



Chicago - Andersonville Study of Retail Economics


#2  Increase Real Estate Values - 50% MORE

Residential neighborhoods served by successful independent business districts gained , on average, 50% more in home value than their citywide markets. Independent Retail Index


#3  Create and preserve local jobs

Local firms procure local goods and services at more than TWICE the rate of national chains.


#4  Preserve What Makes YOUR Neighborhood Unique

Chicago has 74 communities and 200+ neighborhoods and many of them thrive because of their unique local businesses. Those without these local independent businesses cease to thrive.


#5  Improve Your Environment

The presence of neighborhood businesses is a major factor in how much we drive. Dozens of studies have found that people who live near small stores walk more for errands and, when they do drive, their trips are shorter. And that’s not all: a more surprising research finding is that small retailers influence how likely people are to take public transit to work.

In one neighborhood, where homes were on average only one-fifth of a mile from the nearest store, 87% of residents regularly ran errands on foot.


#6  Grow Per-capita Income Faster


#7  Increase Charitable Contributions - TWICE as Much

Studies have shown that local businesses contribute twice as much to local charities as do national chains.

So when you're looking for a business to support your local school fundraiser, please ask your local independent business. We're pretty sure you will be warmly received. Please show them that warmth in return.


#8  Provide More Choices


#9  A More Efficient Use of Land

In one redevelopment guidance analysis, local businesses were shown to generate more sales per square foot than national chains - $587 per square foot compared to $282 per square foot.

This analysis also concluded that sales revenue (and tax revenues) were double that achieved by the Target.


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(Compliments of Local First Chicago. Visit their website here.)

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