Mission Statement

To be the Community

by inspiring others to run and be fit

Fleet Feet Sports - Chicago

Our daily focus is on giving you the best possible experience to help fulfill your lifestyle needs and achieve all of your goals regardless of your mode of exercise. From world class retail locations, to running races that redefine quality and training programs powered by industry leading coaches. 


When visiting our retail locations, we believe in experiencing the products we recommend, so don’t be surprised if we ask to see you test a pair of shoes while we record you so you can see what we see. We may even ask to take several measurements to ensure a quality fit. We are most known for our shoe and bra fit process, where we help select the right choice based upon your unique physiology and personal goals. But our apparel and accessories selections are what make us truly standout. From well-known brands to harder to find standouts our stores will have you excited for each new season.  


Our Signature Race Series, headlined by the Soldier Field 10 Mile, are a case study in excellence and customer service. With a goal to provide an unparalleled experience, our races include premium SWAG (stuff we all get), start and finish lines designed with participants in mind and post events that take celebration to the next level.


Chicago Endurance Sports is our group-based coached training program for endurance events. Whether you plan to try a 5k for the first time, tackle a 10k, set a new personal best in the Half Marathon, find motivation to run all winter, reach “every-man’s Everest” – the marathon, or take on a triathlon, even the Ironman, we a coach and program for that. Our training is built on community and is the essence of how we are the community.

Our industry is called run specialty, but to us, it is Customer Specialty. 

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