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There are bike shops and then there is Fleet Feet Sports – Deerfield.

The key difference?

At Fleet Feet Sports we don’t just sell bicycles, we sell fit. In our opinion it does not matter how expensive, light or aero a bicycle is, if it does not fit perfectly you will not be able to perform at your best. It is our FIT FIRST philosophy that guides us in creating the ideal fit for each of our customers.

We go through an extensive six-step process that insures your bike will fit perfectly so you will reach your goals.


The Rider Interview

Every fit, no matter the rider’s background starts with an interview with our certified fit specialist to understand who the rider is, why they ride, injury history and goals they have.


Biometric Assessment

Detailed measurements of the riders’ body, along with the riders’ flexibility and other physical characteristics are entered in the Guru Dynamic Fit Unit software which uses a complex algorithm to determine where to begin the fit.


The Fit 

With the Guru Dynamic Fit Unit the fitter is able to move the ride one millimeter at a time in any direction. While the rider pedals they are able to feel instantaneous feedback from position to position. Multiple positions can be saved, taking the rider through a range of fit possibilities.


The Analysis

A Computrainer is utilized to measure pedaling force and efficiency and motion-capture software is used to dynamically check the rider’s position.


The Bike

The DFU gives the fitter a set of horizontal and vertical coordinates for the handle bar and saddle position, allowing the fitter to determine which bikes fit the rider’s position or how to set up an existing bike.

follow up

Follow Up

The best part of the fit is getting out and enjoying the ride. However, we realize that fit is ever-changing so we include a one year fit guarantee.

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