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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Addaday – Five Minute Massage

According to the World Bank, current life expectancy at birth for U.S. children is over 77 years or more than 28,000 days!

Addaday builds tools to help you move more every day for a happier and healthier life. This mission is near and dear to our hearts at Fleet Feet Sports – Chicago so we’re partnering with Addaday to bring you the 5 minute massage and the Type A Ultra Roller massage tool to help you lead a more active life!

The Addaday 5 Minute Massage

We know you’re busy, but do you have 5 minutes to get moving, promote circulation, and increase mobility?

What You’ll Need

- Addaday Type A Ultra Roller

- 5 minutes

- This handy guide

Feet – 30 Seconds on Each Foot

In a seated position, begin by lightly rocking the heel and arch over a gear.

Calf/Lower Leg – 30 Seconds on Each Calf

This massage is great for runners and walkers of all abilities as it helps promote blood flow and mobility in this trouble region. Using a wide grip on the Type A roller, roll up and down the calf and lower leg. We like to suggest using more pressure when rolling upwards to help accelerate blood flow back towards the heart.

Quads/Hamstrings – 30 Seconds on Each Leg

To target the hamstrings, simply roll underneath the extended leg instead of on top!

Illiotibial (IT) Band – 30 Seconds on Each Leg

Roll the outside of the leg to hit the illiotibial (IT) band. “Choking up” on the roller “gears” allows for a more targeted deeper massage!

Neck – 30 Seconds

The beauty of the Type A and the massage “gears” is that you can use a single gear for targeted massage or multiple gears to spread out the points of contact.

That’s it!

Now that you’ve massaged up and down your body, you should be feeling great! Make sure that you drink enough water during and after your 5 minute massage. These fluids may help your body process the toxins released by the massage! If you have trouble drinking enough water, consider a low calorie electrolyte replacement beverage like Nuun, Nuun Everyday, or Zym which adds a bit of flavor, electrolytes and vitamins to your fluids.

Did this massage fail to address a particular area of need? Take a look at the original Addaday 5 Minute Massage!

Warm up/Cool Down

Consider using a light massage as a quick warm up or cool down, before or after your next run!

Other Addaday Products

Addaday’s Type C Roller and Spiky Foam Roller provide new ways to practice the 5 minute massage.


Written by: Dan Kittaka

Edited by: @KLarson_run

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