Bank of America Chicago Marathon Medal Engraving

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Celebrate the finish of one of the world's largest marathons with complimentary Bank of America Chicago Marathon medal engraving. Here's everything you need to know to get your medal engraved:



  • Engraving is limited to two lines, like so:
    • Line 1: Ivanna Run
    • Line 2: 5:34:18
  • The less characters, the better the engraving will look.
  • Local runners are highly urged to get their engraving done Tuesday through Friday at our Old Town store to let international and national runners get their medals engraved before they have to catch flights.
  • Due to high demand, completion times can reach up to three hours so plan accordingly.
  • Engraving will be done on 2018 Bank of America Chicago Marathon medals only.
  • Please understand that engraving is done for free by our generous staff, not by professionals. We work as quickly and accurately as we can. Thank you.

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