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Master the Swim Open Water Swim Clinic

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Make swimming your strength — NOT a punishment.

Join us on Thursday, June 22nd at 6am at Ohio Street Beach (600 N. Lakeshore Sr.) for a FREE clinic taught by our highly experienced and knowledgeable Chicago Endurance Sports coaches, in conjunction with Fleet Feet Sports' Triathlon Seminar Series.

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For many of us, open water swimming can seem a bit intimidating. Unlike the calm, filtered, peaceful water of your local pool, the open water can be choppy, dark and murky. Further, without lane lines for guidance, people swim in all directions, creating an atmosphere of chaos that makes it easy to lose your bearings.

In these and other ways, open water is importantly different from pool swimming. This means that open water swimming, whether in its own right or for triathlon, requires a quite specialized set of physical and mental skills. Even if you've had a few opportunities to practice swimming in the open water, training SPECIFICALLY for open water swimming yields considerable benefits.


Learn and practice Open Water Swimming skills under the supervision of our highly experienced and knowledgeable coaches. Sighting, breathing, swimming straight, comfort around others, cold water tips, and more. We'll teach not only essential skills and techniques, but also teach how to practice them in a pool as well as in an open water setting with people around you. We will make you more confident, faster and ultimately a better Triathlete or open water swimmer!

This is also a great introduction to our "Open Water Swim Classes", which take place every Thursday morning throughout the summer. Click Here to register for or read more about those classes.

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