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Chicago Endurance Sports (“CES”) is looking for a Lead Coach, to provide coaching services for the Winter Warriors half marathon training program for the 2017-18 season from the Fleet Feet Sports Oak Park store location.  The terms and conditions of the agreement are as follows:  

Your title is Oak Park Lead Coach. Your responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Assist in coordinating and leading all training events for the following Chicago Endurance Sports programs:
    • Chicago Endurance Sports Winter Warriors half marathon training program - October, 2017 through February, 2018.
  1. Act as Lead Coach for your specific training location
    • Coordinates and manage staffing needs for your location (coaches, mentors, pacers, operations)
    • Manage staff (with assistance from Head Coach) at your location: coaches, mentors, pacers, pace director, operations (scheduling, attendance, reviews, training)
    • Coordinate with Fleet Feet Sports store manager of that location and training program coordinator, ensuring proper support from the store
    • Facilitate and lead the Coaches Meeting prior to each scheduled training session
    • Work with Head Coach to insure adequate coaching coverage, depending on the needs for each session
    • Communicate with Head Coach and other location Lead Coaches weekly on progress and happenings at your designated location
    • Work with location Pace Director to insure proper pacing coverage and pacer feedback and training
    • Help make adjustments to Training Peaks schedules for athletes at your location (with help of Head Coach, as necessary). Follow Chicago Endurance Sports coaching guidelines when making adjustments, to maintain consistency across program.
    • Work with Head Coach and training program coordinator to coordinate and execute special training program events and clinics at your location, including helping to promote store specific training related events (i.e. yoga, fun runs, pint nights, chick nights, etc.)
    • Assign appropriate training schedule to the athletes at your location, based on Athlete Fact Form responses.  Can also enlist help from Assistant Coaches
    • Enlist Assistant Coaches to assist in managing the following (to help spread the workload, and to help promote the growth and development of your Assistant Coaches):
      • Manage and distribute athlete schedule assignments for location (Training Peaks, PDF)
      • Work with pace director
      • Answer athlete email questions
      • Training routes – ensuring safety and accessibility of workout locations/routes PRIOR to each workout (races, construction)
      • Operations (aid stations, shirt/incentive distribution, first aid kits, supplies, etc.).
      • Develop training tips for “Coaches Corner” in program newsletter and Facebook Groups, to be submitted to Head Coach

  2. Assist in leading the various levels within the training groups.
    • Create and conduct announcements (including Assistant Coach assignments) for your location’s training sessions and distribute to Assistant Coaches at the beginning of each week
    • Teach pace, form and coach participants before, during and after training sessions
    • Answer email questions or forward them to the proper resource within 24 hours of receipt
    • Will NOT treat the training runs as own personal training, but will put participant needs and their training first.
  1. Meet at training site prior to the training start time.
    • Tues/Weds/Thurs 20 minutes before start time (6:10pm)
    • Saturdays/Sundays 40 min-1 hour before start time (6:50am)
  1. Be present at all scheduled training sessions and clinics for Winter Warriors. Give notice of at least two weeks for missed sessions, unless an emergency. Work with Head Coach in advance to fill any gaps that may be caused by your absence.

  2. Marketing and promoting future programs: As a coach we acknowledge that you are not only the most knowledgeable but are also the biggest fans of the sport and Chicago Endurance Sports. Opportunities to help market and grow the program will come up and we ask that you help promote when the opportunities are there.

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