Addaday: A Runner's Most Important Recovery Tools

With the Bank of America Chicago Marathon over, many of you are either looking forward to your next race or just trying to find a way to walk down the stairs without limping. Either way, you should be focused on recovery, which means getting your muscles back in working condition. That’s where Addaday comes in! We have an array of rollers from Addaday that will ensure your whole body is ready to get back to your normal routine faster than ever, and keep you healthy as you chase your next goal.

The Pro Roller (aka “The Swiss Army Knife of Massage Rollers”) is the roller that every runner should have. The blue Soft Muscle Gears are designed to knead muscles and repair scar tissue. The grey Medium Muscle Gears help flush out lactic acid and eliminate muscle fatigue. The red Pin Point Gear is designed to be used to alleviate Shin Splints and release tension in the Achilles tendon.

The Type C Roller (aka “A Runners Favorite Massage Roller”) is a more compact roller and is best utilized on the lower leg.

The Type A is the firmest roller with none-rubberized gears that are designed to never catch hair. This is great on the upper leg or lower leg, or even the shoulders.

The Uno is an adjustable roller that is great for use on neck, shoulders, or legs and it’s easy to travel with.

The Boomerang (no need for a nickname!) is made so you can give yourself a shoulder massage or back rub without having someone else there. Quickly becoming a staff favorite!

The Nonagon is a textured foam roller that with 9 different facets to connect with the fascia with precision so you get the best massage possible.

Check out your nearest Fleet Feet Sports location a free calf massage and to learn more about Addaday!

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