Ciele Caps For Your Best Run Ever

Ciele is one of our most beloved hat brands because they've upped the ante on what runners are wearing and adding style points along the way. As if we couldn't love them even more, they've given us access to VERY limited edition styles (as in 288 in total were made). Find these at our Old Town location. Go. Run. Now!


CIELE GOCap Century

Clean, modern design thinking and runner arppoved performance and protection. The GOCap features lightweight contstruction, large reflective front facing font. Quick drying COOLwick fabric and UPF +40 Sun protection. -Ciele **Note, the Ashland model is Ciele's nod to the marathon in Boston.





CIELE GOCap All Over // Grid Matrix Edition

The Grid Matrix print that adorns the GOCap is a riff on the graph paper we often use to jot down ideas for future products as well as a nod to ripstop fabrics found in some of our old sportswear garments that we take inspiration from. All the features found in the standard GoCap, and a full reflective Grid Matric filled ciele logo on the underbrim. - Ciele





Loaded with performance features, we've removed the sweat inducing foam backing and replaced it with our moisture wicking COOLwick 3D AIRmesh, laminated behind a breathable knit front panel. Some might call this an over engineered cap, but for miles on the trails on a hot day, we'll choose this piece of equipment over any other "trucker" cap without hesitation. -Ciele






The CRW Cap Enduro Edition plays on the CRW casual look while upping the ante with huge heat dumping mesh panels. The CRWCaps run ready performance also includes a COOLwick knit fabric to build a super breathable cap. Add to that our standard pliable brim, reflective details, and our Million Miles guarantee. -Ciele **The ENDURO Edition is a one-time-only make, only 288 available worldwide. 3 are available at Fleet Feet Old Town.

Enduro Edition

 Enduro Edition



CIELE GOCap Standard

The Archetype. Our world renowned run ready GOCap. Race proven from Boston to Charlevoix, and your local 5k as well. The GOCap Standard is built lightweight, reflective, machine washable, packable, topped off with ultra breathable COOLwick mesh and backed by the Million Miles Guarantee. - Ciele

Whitaker / Front

Whitaker / Bottom

Indigo / Front

Indigo / Bottom

Seawall / Front

Seawall / Bottom

Wallace Lake / Front

Chaka / Front

 Chaka / Bottom

CIELE GOCap Standard // Duality Edition

The Archetype remastered. This One Time Only Edition of our GOCap Standard is a nod to the positives and negatives one finds in every run story. Same features as the Standard. - Ciele *The GOCap Standard Duality Edition is a one-time-only make, only 288 available worldwide. 3 are available at Fleet Feet Old Town.

Duality Edition

Duality Edition


CIELE GOCap Athletics

Rooted in Ciele's established standards, the GOCap Athletics is our starting point for every runner running their own personal race. -Ciele





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