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CW-X: Tights Engineered to Support You AND Your Runs

Whether you’re an occasional runner or someone who runs 50+ miles per week, we want to help support your runs.  CW-X’s engineered tights offer the benefits of muscle support or joint support, depending on which suits your performance goals. Get more out of each run, targeted support, and recover quicker. Which collection is right for you? Read on to find out…

The Stabilyx Collection

stabilyx tight w

Women's Stabilyx Tight

stabilyx tight m

Men's Stabilyx Tight

stabilyx tight w lava

Women's Stabilyx Tight Lava Print

w stabilyx print tight

Women's Stabilyx Tight Print

The Stabilyx Collection offers JOINT support for your hips, knees, and pelvis. Whether you have an aching joint or want to achieve better alignment for your activity, the Stabilyx Collection is designed to help you do that. The patented Support Web bands together muscles and ligaments of the lower leg to stabilize the knee, creating a more stable limb for running more efficiently.

Women’s Options: Stabilyx Short, ¾ Stabilyx*, and Stabilyx Tight*

Men’s Options: Stabilyx Ventilator Short and Stabilyx Tight

*Limited Edition prints available.

The Endurance Pro Collection

pro tight womens

Women's Pro Tight

women's pro short

Women's Pro Short

mens pro short

Men's Pro Short

The Endurance Pro Collection offers MUSCLE support for your large, working muscle groups including quadriceps, hamstrings, calf, and glutes. All of these muscles provide the locomotion for you to run – why not give them a little squeeze with the Support Web?

Women’s Options: Pro Short, Pro Tights

Men’s Options: Pro Short, Pro Tights

Whatever option suits you, you’ll notice a difference from the first run. From beginner to elite runners, to those who are injured to those who want to prevent injury, you’ll find the tights that support you best in our stores. 


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