Find Support in the Best Running Bras from Brooks

It's no secret that running is tough on a woman's body, but at the same time we reap the benefits of spending time outdoors, running with friends (or spending quality time alone!), and the obvious benefit of EXERCISE. We want to make your run as easy as possible. While we can't make you run faster or longer, we can make your runs more comfortable and that will help you push yourself to go faster and farther. 

Our latest shipment of Brooks sports bras features lovely hues of blue, reminicent of the ocean (or Lake Michigan in the summer!) or poolside. (Whoever is on Spring Break right now, we're totally jelly!). Not only do these bras look amazing, they're ultimately designed for performance. We carefully select each bra every season, by taking into consideration style, fit, function, fabrics, details, and YOU. You are going to be wearing these bras running, lifting, playing soccer, hitting the playground with your kids. We want YOU to be in the BEST possible bras out there. Have you tried them yet? 

If you're new to the whole sports bra thing, let us guide you. Brooks bras come in 3 categories - Low, Moderate, and High Support. Obviously each bra is categorized by Brooks, but ultimately we want you to be in whatever is comfortable for you. Something that may be categorized as Moderate Impact (say, Fiona) may feel HIGH Impact to you - and that's great! Shopping for bras is similar for shopping for shoes - you've got to try them on, feel them out and find what works for you.

Medium Impact Sports Bras

Just Right Racer

A go-to bra for moms on the run or someone who needs just a teeny bit of support. We love the Just Right Racer because it provides just a little hug of support and is very comfortable.

Fast Forward Crossback

New to the assortment this season, the Fast Forward Crossback is a unique fashion-forward bra that is actually testing as Brooks' second most supportive bra. The adjustable straps and easy J-hook closure make it a nice choice. Oh, and it's only $34!

Uprise + Uplift Crossback


These sister bras cover everyone from A/B Cups (Uprise) to C/D Cups (Uplift). While they have many of the same features including molded, breathable cups, and fun designs the Uplift features a J-hook closure for easier on-off.


Our #1 sports bra of all time (currently #2!) the Fiona is a tried an true bra for many women. It's SO easy to get on and off (like a regular bra) that many women find it works for them. You really can't go wrong with the Fiona.


Another staple in our line-up has been the Maia. Women who have fuller cups and want a little more coverage tend to love the Maia. The padded straps add comfort and the underwire adds lift and separation for ultimate control.

High Impact Sports Bras

Rebound Racer

 Rebound Racer is designed for the woman who wants a no fuss, compression sports bra. Lock and load. The Rebound Racer does have adjustability features like hook-and-eye closure and velcro straps for custom comfort.


Our current #1 sports bra, the Juno comes fully loaded. This bra does not mess around. It features fully adjustable straps and a hook-and-eye closure for custom comfort PLUS fuss-free molded, breathable cups. Designed for the woman who needs support and only wants to wear ONE bra.



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