Make the R8 Roller Your Personal, Portable Foam Rolling Device

This device is as equally luxurious as it is functional.


The R8 Roller made by Roll Recovery is a one-of-a-kind massage tool. One way to describe what it feels like would be "a cross between a foam roller and a massage stick" but it looks nothing like either of those tools.

And it wasn't created just because it looks pretty darn cool, either.

The R8 Roller was made out of necessity. 

The designers over at Roll Recovery were tired of rolling around the floor and lugging around a giant foam roller. Their goal was to design a tool with all the force built into it, easy to use and mobile enough to take anywhere. So that's what Roll Recovery did. 

Let's take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about the device.

What are the benefits of the R8 Roller?

By far, the biggest benefit of this device is that it automatically applies the pressure. This is unheard of for a hand operated tool. Self massage is tiring and sometimes can make one's hands and forearms feel like they need a massage afterwards.

How does it work?

It's a basic concept really. The device uses spring loaded pressure using corrosion-resistant torsion springs. Simply spread apart the device with your hands (which will take a decent amount of force) and place the device around the part of your body you would like to massage, and the tension in the spring will adjust and wrap around your body depending on your body size. The more you open it, the more pressure it will apply. This is how springs work.

What does it do?

This device does the same thing a foam roller or massage stick does.

Meaning, in short, it helps with elasticity and flexibility, which can help improve range of motion, help reduce muscle soreness, and prevent extra stress and strain placed on the body that can lead to overuse injuries.

The long answer would be to describe what happens what someone foam rolls. When compression is applied, blood for particular tissues will first be obstructed, and when pressure is removed, blood flow to help facilitate the healing response of the body. This is known as myofascial release. It can also be used to introduce movement to "stuck" tissues. Due to a variety of factors, the connective tissues in the body, which should slide across each other, begin to develop adhesions, in which the muscle fibers stick together.

Where does it work best on your body?

The R8 Roller targets the IT-bands, quads, hamstrings, calves, shins, gluteus, and arms.

What are some example exercises?

Here's a video from the brand itself giving tips on how to massage your upper and lower leg. 

What sets it apart from a foam roller or massage stick?

Other than the previous mentioned portability and spring-loaded pressure of the device, the R8 roller provides a double sided massage which neither a foam roller or massage roller can provide, doubling its surface area coverage.

The torsion springs create more therapeutic pressure than any other massage tool out there, creating a true deep tissue massage.

What are the limitations?

Obviously, the R8 Roller is limited in its use because it does not allow you to massage your back unlike a foam roller and massage stick.

Are those...roller skate wheels?

Yes, indeed. The wheels are made of premium polyurethane with smooth rolling ABEC5 bearings.

I'm sold. How much?

The original Roll Recovery R8 Roller is sold at all Fleet Feet Sports Chicago locations for a newly reduced $99.

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