On's New Running Apparel is Some of the Most Technical We've Seen

On Running apparel is high fashion and high function.

On, the Swiss-engineered running brand has made its way to Chicago and is a feature brand at our brand new store in Old Town. It will certainly was a highlight in the On The Move Fashion Show tonight.

On Running apparel brings highly functional, yet highly fashionable, garments to the runner. We’ll consider most of these items year-round items, meaning they can be used any time of the year depending on any given weather condition. Layer them up for extra warmth, shield yourself from the elements, or wear them in the heat of the summer.

On Men’s and Women’s Weather Jacket

Using lightweight Japanese stretch fabrics, this jacket is your partner in crime for crazy Chicago runs where one minute you need wind protection and the next there’s rain or snow in the air. The jacket is made of 100% nylon protective and tear-proof upper fabric reaches across the chest and shoulders. Coated with advanced DWR (durable water repellent), this waterproof running jacket protects you where needed. One of our favorite features is the enginereed hood. The running jacket’s specially made and uniquely engineered hood can be neatly adjusted for perfect fit and field of vision at the same time, allowing you to enjoy your run – especially in the wet. On first look, this is likely one of the coolest looking jackets on the market.

On Men’s and Women’s Running Pant

With woven fabric on the front, these running pants keep you dry and protected from the elements. Key ventilation areas ensure you don’t overheat. The details are there too: pockets, zips, and knee mesh.

On Men’s and Women’s Performance Tee

The Performance Tee is something to admire. This shirt is highly technical, but looks don’t suffer. The tear-proof front of the Performance-T has been engineered with fast-dry, high-tech fabrics that shield, dry and protect. The fabric has had an anti-bacterial treatment that you notice on long runs and short, allowing you to feel fresher both on your run and after it.  All taped. All seamless. We've honestly never felt a tee like it.

On Men’s and Women’s Comfort Tee

For those that want a more cozy feeling tee, this one is for you. A luxurious blend of cotton, modal and elastane creates the natural touch of the t-shirt. The lining of the t-shirt hides zip protected pocket. Blended in to the natural shape of the shirt, it has been engineered to keep items inside still, so while you run you forget that they’re there.

On Men’s Hybrid Running Short

Here’s another functional piece from On. The 2-in-1 short is truly 2-in-1. The shorts outside and short tights within can be worn together or separately. We combine them for long runs or sprints to the beach. Take a plunge in the short tights, then jog home in dry shorts.

On Women’s Running Short

Don’t be afraid of these shorts. They look technical (and are) but also feature some of the best finishes in the business. A comfort waistband, taped hems, and lightweight fabric scream “I’m going to be your favorite short.

On Women’s Running Tight

It’s like a hug for your legs. These ¾ length tights are cut to match natural running movements. The fabric includes more elasticity and a cool, graphic *reflective* print.

On Men’s Clima Shirt

A combination of highly breathable fabrics and micro-ventilation pattern this combo-shirt is the highlight of the men’s collection. This shirt works hard when you do.

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