Mizuno and Fleet Feet Sports Unite to Find a Cure

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No more suffering. No more loss.

That’s the goal of Mizuno’s #projectzero campaign in partnership with Fleet Feet Sports.

Throughout the month of October, Mizuno and Fleet Feet with support from the Breast Cancer Research Foundation will unite together to launch #projectzero, an initiative to raise funding for breast cancer research and discovery, highlighting survivor stories and showcasing the role sports play in transforming lives affected by breast cancer.

The effects of breast cancer are far-reaching. One in eight women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. By launching #projectzero, Fleet Feet Sports and Mizuno are committing to work together to achieve the ultimate goal of zero lives lost.

“Mizuno stands with the millions of women and men who have been impacted by breast cancer, have lost a loved one, or are personally fighting the disease,” said Chuck Couch, VP, Business Management, Running – Mizuno USA. “We know we can’t cure breast cancer overnight, but we hope our work with BCRF will be a meaningful step towards ending one of the leading causes of death in America – a disease that touches all of us.”

The campaign will kick-off with a seminar featuring Mizuno athlete and Olympic USA volleyball player April Ross. The event serves as an opportunity to hear April's story including how she's been personally affected by the disease. Following the seminar, April will stay for autographs and pictures with attendees.

To further iterate the commitment, a special edition BCRF Wave Rider 21, Mizuno’s cornerstone running shoe, as well as performance t-shirts bearing a custom pink shoelace insignia, will be available exclusively at Fleet Feet locations across the U.S. during October. Pre-sale of the custom BCRF Wave Riders begins Sept 18 at Fleet Feet. For each pair of shoes and t-shirt sold, $10 and $5 respectively will be donated to BCRF.

"Being the son of a breast cancer survivor, shows me the importance of the work that Mizuno is doing with April Ross and Project Zero. We want more moms being around being around for more years. They are the glue of families and the spirit we all need.", said Fleet Feet Sports Chicago owner Dave Zimmer.

In addition, Mizuno and Fleet Feet will highlight stories throughout the month from survivors and people whose lives have been affected by breast cancer, including Gina DeChambeau, a Fleet Feet team member in Greensboro, N.C., and Jackie Kaps, a member of the Fleet Feet No Boundaries training group in Spokane, Wash.

“Running was a thing that made me feel healthy, made me feel strong,” said DeChambeau, who began working at Fleet Feet in 2013 shortly after being diagnosed with breast cancer. “And what’s awesome about working at Fleet Feet is that you get to meet so many different people. Meeting all these inspiring customers – that’s what helped me along the way.”

Kaps began running with Fleet Feet in 2015 as a way to move forward following her battle with cancer.

“You lose all control when they tell you that you have cancer,” she said. “Exercise gives you control over your body and abilities. If it’s a bad day and I just can’t take it any more, I go out for a run and conquer that road. Exercise and movement has gotten me to where I’m at. It’s so much better than sitting at home feeling sorry for myself.”

For more information about #projectzero and to see the inspiring survivor stories, go to www.mizunousa.com or follow Mizuno Running on Facebook and Instagram. To find out more about BCRF and discover additional ways to help support the mission, go to www.bcrf.org. Find the Fleet Feet Sports location closest to you at www.fleetfeetsports.com.

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