Stop Squinting, Try Wearing Sunglasses for Winter Running

You’re probably thinking, “Fleet Feet Sports Chicago, you’re nuts. I don’t need sunglasses in the winter.”

Yes. Yes, you do. Just ask our Footwear Product Manager, Kyle Larson. His race day experiences this past weekend at the Club Cross Country Nationals was anything but pleasant. Kyle reported to our team that it was "so cold and windy I could hardly see because my eyes were watering.” Apparel Product Manager, Lyndsey Baum, had asked Kyle if he wore sunglasses and his response was “no.”

It is hard for us to comprehend how anyone can run in the bright summer sun without sunglasses (seriously people, it’s so much more comfortable running with sunglasses, as you don’t have to squint). But the winter weather is a different animal.

Here are our three reasons to wear sunglasses this winter, along with product suggestions.

1. Protection from wind, rain, snow, sleet, slush, or whatever Mother Nature brings your way.

You know that Chicago can be unpredictable: one minute sun and the next wind and snow. Be prepared. Interchangeable lenses can help. Suncloud Optics have just released a line of  polarized sunglasses with interchangeable lenses. We’re currently enjoying the Slant and the Tension. Use the darker lenses for bright conditions and the lighter lens for low-light conditions.

Suncloud Slant (Black)

Suncloud Slant (Matte Brown)

Suncloud Slant (Matte Grey)

2. Relax your face muscles.

Squinting is not cute on anyone. Snow and ice can reflect the sun and cause glare, causing you to squint. Polarized sunglasses can help prevent this and help to relax your face. Both Suncloud and Goodr offer polarized options for running.

Suncloud Tension (Black)

Suncloud Tension (Matte Smoke)


3. Prevent frozen eyelashes.

Brrrr. The thought of this makes me shiver. But yeah, frozen eyelashes are no joke and can be uncomfortable and dangerous. Toss on a pair of clear-lensed Goodr Sunglasses and you’re set. These frames provide UV protection, but are not polarized. Great for those evening runs when the suns going down.

Goodr Sunglasses Clear Lens (You Don't Look Like Buddy Holly. At All.)

Goodr Sunglasses Clear Lens (Orange You Glad We Didn't Say Banana?)

Goodr Sunglasses Clear Lens (Nocturnal Voyage Of The Yellow Submarine)

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