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Superfeet RUN Insoles: The Next Evolution of Support and Cushion

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Now available at all Fleet Feet Sports Chicago locations, the Run Comfort and Run Pain Relief insoles from Superfeet – the first insoles designed specifically for running shoes.

superfeet run insoles

The Superfeet shape personalizes the fit of your shoe and is designed to fit a wide variety of running shoes. These run-specific insoles help to reduce foot fatigue, alleviate pain and improve your running efficiency.

Run Comfort Max (Green)

 run comfort green

Superfeet RUN Comfort Max insoles help runners reduce foot fatigue while gaining efficiency while running. The Superfeet shape personalizes the shoe to your foot. The EVOLyte carbon fiber cap and AeroSpring Dual Comfort foam which mimicks the feel of a running shoe to deliver exceptional comfort along with a smooth and efficient energy transfer throughout your gait from foot strike to toe off.

Women’s Run Comfort Max (Purple)

run comfort womens

With the same features and support as the Run Comfort Max, the Women’s Run Comfort Max Run is designed using women-specific dimensions – specifically a reduced arch length and a narrower heel – to better fit the woman’s foot.

Run Pain Relief Max (Orange)

run pain relief

Superfeet RUN Pain Relief Max insoles offer the same cushion as the Run Comfort Max insole, but help stabilize the foot to minimize repetitive stress. The Superfeet shape personalizes the fit of the shoe, while the independent Heel Stabilizer keeps the pain relieving-shape closer to the foot.

run pain relief stabilizer

Three Things to Know About Superfeet Insoles:

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