The Technology That Changed Running is Turning 5 , Here's How adidas is Celebrating With BOOST

The shoe that changed running is turning five, here's how adidas is celebrating.

They're making it known that they were the innovators.

Five years ago, adidas made a huge splash in the running world when they launched their brand new BOOST foam midsole technology in the Energy Boost model.

It was a big step for running midsoles, which were traditionally made from EVA material. EVA does a great job of absorbing shock but only returns about 50-60% of the energy you put into each step, and the shoes would start to feel stiff after a couple hundred miles from all that pounding. BOOST changed all that by using TPU pellets fused together to give runners a soft, springy feel that returned over 70% of the energy going into it.

Today, every brand is racing to create the most responsive, energetic, and lightweight foam on the market. Just look at what Nike announced yesterday with the introduction of their Nike React technology.

They're re-releasing the original adidas Energy Boost in its original colorway.

For the adidas' 5th anniversary of the Energy Boost shoe, the brand is announcing some exciting news. adidas is re-releasing the ‘OG’ Energy Boost in its’ original black/white/yellow colorway. The shoe that started it all.

They're releasing the new edition of the Energy Boost in the original black/white/yellow colorway.

But this time around, significant updates have been made for the latest version of the Energy Boost. The shoe includes a more spacious and accommodating upper, a brand-new technology known as StretchWeb that wraps the upper, and an outsole made with Continental™ Rubber, yes, the rubber made in tires, and even more BOOST than we saw in the first iteration.

They're releasing a limited-edition adidas Ultra Boost '5th Anniversary' colorway.

Lastly, they're releasing a limited edition color of one of the most popular shoes adidas has every made. The Ultra Boost. This new colorway pays homage to the original Energy Boost colorway featuring a black/grey Primeknit upper, grey stripes, and yellow detailing on the tongue logo, torsion bar, and the insoles.

These shoes are available in unisex sizing from 8.5-13 at our Old Town, Lincoln Square, and South Loop locations.

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