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Introducing Karhu, the most innovative brand in the sport of running that you've likely never heard about.

If you haven’t heard, the only place you’ll be able to find these shoes is Fleet Feet Sports thanks to a new exclusive partnership with Karhu. No Amazon. No RoadRunnerSports. Just us, and we plan to keep it that way.

This elite Finnish running brand has a century of success and dominant running performances in its history, so it’s only natural that we’re partnering with them to bring you three brand new styles.

The current line in our stores features three silhouettes. Two neutral shoes, the Fast 6 and Fluid 5, and one stability shoe, the Synchron Ortix. Let’s take a deeper look at what differentiates these models and the technology used in each that has us excited about the unique way Karhu is approaching the sport of running.

Karhu Fast 7

The Karhu Fast 7 takes a classic all-around training shoe and gives it a plush ride with full-length Fulcrum cushioning. The full name of the shoes is the Fast 7 MRE. The ‘MRE’ stands for ‘Maximum Rolling Effect’, which creates a smooth ride throughout the gait cycle, giving runners of all levels efficiency without sacrificing comfort.

Quick fact:  In 1975, Karhu developed the Karhu “Champion”, the very first running shoe to feature an “Air Cushion”. Karhu registered “Karhu Air Cushion” in 1976. Nike registered “Air” in 1977. Karhu actually ditched its famous Air Cushion in 1986 for Fulcrum, because, well, running is about moving forward, not up and down.

Their Fulcrum technology uses a runner's natural energy to keep all forces moving forward - giving you a smoother ride without any wasted effort.

By definition, a body that’s running has downward forces creating the need for cushioning to not only make for a smooth ride, but also prevent injury. Too much bounce back though, and you’re setting the stage for instability every time your foot hits the ground. The answer? Fulcrum — a sophisticated directional cushioning system that provides:

Why is it important?

The surfaces we generally run on are tough on us. Our feet simply aren’t made to handle these harder manmade surfaces - think asphalt and concrete - on their own. By controlling our natural forward rolling energy to reduce overpronation and energy loss, Fulcrum technology gives the buffer needed for an easy ride on hard surfaces.

The Karhu Fast 7 has a notably softer step in feel due to an increased foam insole. New stretch laces allow for a more custom fit through the upper. Customers will also enjoy a plusher blow rubber outsole allowing for a softer toe off. Lastly the forefoot has been given a little more room to fit more generously fit most foot types.



Neutral Medium Cushion

Weight: Men: 11.2oz / Women: 9.8oz

Heel-to-toe: 12mm

Karhu Fluid 6 MRE

Similar to the above Fast 7, the Karhu Fluid 6 MRE, which also stands for maximum rolling effect, is Karhu’s versatile neutral trainer. The model is designed for athletes pushing themselves through workouts to those looking for a comfortable shoe to use at the gym.

The half-length Fulcrum level assists the runner with a comfortable transition from heel to toe. The midsole is made from two types of foam: A protect foam compound surrounding the Fulcrum to provide cushioning and a propel foam used in the Fulcrum to encourage the rolling effect.

The 2017 version features a softer step in feel and midsole for a smooth roll through the gait cycle. The upper utilizes an integrated lacing system for a personalized wrap while the forefoot mesh allows for the toes to splay without any obstructed overlays. New stretch laces help secure the shoe for a proper fit.

  1. Heel: A memory foam heel collar provides a padded step in and smooth close fit.
  2. Midfoot: The "M" lacing allows for securing of the upper while seamlessly welded overlays hold the foot. This integrated lacing system provides a comfortably snug fit.
  3. Forefoot: The fully reflective toe box extends to provide a snug fit during toe-off and while cornering for the performance runner.
  4. The Fulcrum unit is made of Propel Foam for increased propulsion in a responsive density of 62 Shore.
  5. The midsole unit is made from Protect Foam for impact protection in a softer density of 52 Shore.
  6. The outsole is made of compression rubber for durability, high abrasion resistance and to provide a responsive ride.



Neutral High Cushion

Weight: 10.5oz

Heel-to-toe: 14mm

Synchron Ortix MRS

The new Synchron Ortix MRS features Maximum Rolling Support which blends balanced cushioning with a contoured midsole for increased support under the foot to eliminate foot fatigue and incorrect alignment. Designed for the runner or walker seeking comfort and a plus ride, the Synchron Ortix features a full-length Fulcrum unit to enhance the forward forces and create a smooth ride through the gait cycle. The upper uses seamless overlays to minimize irritation at the toes and on top of the foot. A new booty construction adds comfort and a sock-like fit to surround the foot while the heel is locked in with an external heel counter.

The external ergonomically molded heel counter helps to lock in the initial part of the foot upon landing to prevent the ankle from collapsing. Internally padded memory foam heel collar provides a smooth and close fit. A seamlessly welded midfoot section eliminates pressure points allowing for a comfortable fit during the midstance phase.

The forefoot has been constructed to avoid irritating overlays and stitches that can rub bunions and pressure the metatarsal heads. The breathable air mesh allows the toes to spread out and welded overlays won’t restrict movement.

The Ortix midsole is contoured and mirrors the most common arch shapes to relieve pressure.  The Karhu designers were tasked with building a shoe utilizing an innovative fitting method where the contoured midsole mirrors the most common arch shapes to gently support the foot. The result is a fit that supports the arch while releasing pressure at the heel and forefoot. The TRIAD Cushioning design functions under the heel and at the first andfifth metatarsals to provide a soft landing and cushioned take off at common pressure points. Simply put, Karhu Ortix Fit layers a three dimensional midsole to provide a superior fit under the foot. 



Stability High Cushion

Weight: Men: 11.6oz / Women: 9.9oz

Heel-to-toe: 16mm

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