Portable Hydration to Keep You Hydrated Amidst Chicago's Lead-Infused Fountains

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It seems like just two years ago we made an article warning Chicago runners about the high amount of lead found in our city's fountains. Oh wait, it was just two years ago. 

Déjà vu.

Last week, as reported by the Chicago Tribune, annual lead testing once again has shown the city’s tap water is tainted with a concerning amount of lead, leading hundreds of public water fountains to be removed.

By the end of summer, as many as half of the parks’ 1,250 outdoor fountains could be slated for shutoff and removal, said Dan Cooper, director of Environmental Services for the Chicago Park District.

While the city attempts to flush some fountains and remove others over the season, runners will have to find other ways to stay hydrated and safe.

Take a look at different options below, which range from handheld to waist packs to backpacks. Your type of hydration will depend on your mileage and personal comfort.

The Handheld

Nathan SpeedShot Plus Insulated 12oz

Nathan SpeedDraw Plus Insulated 16oz

The Belt

Nathan TrailMix Plus Insulated 2 Hydration Belt

The Waistpack

Nathan Peak Waist Pak With Insulated SpeedDraw Flask

The Backpack

Nathan 12L Trailmix Pack

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