Treat Yourself. Get a $20 Bonus Gift Card When Buy a $100 Gift Card

This promotion has become a fan favorite with our customers over the years. Probably because it gives people an excuse to reward themselves by shopping for themselves with a free $20 after finishing their holiday shopping and gifting $100 to the runner in their life.

$100 can go a long way for a runner.

It can help buy them the comfort of a new pair of properly fitting shoes. It can buy them months worth of nutrition (gels, chews, hydration, bars) during their training season. It can buy them the warmth of winter apparel, or the coolness of lightweight, sweat-wicking summer apparel, if you they can hold on to the gift card for that long.

Here are some other things a runner could buy if you gift them $100:

The Moji Heat Massage Roller: $60

This game changing dual therapy roller combines the benefits of traditional foam rolling with the comfort and relaxation of therapeutic heat. The roller features a 2-piece design that fits easily into most microwaves to absorb the heat.

A merino wool baselayer from Smartwool or Icebreaker: $90-100

A proper baselayer is one that is made from merino wool. Merino wool is somewhat of a magical fabric. Here's why: It's breathable, it generates heat, it's moisture wicking, it reduces odors, and it's non-itch.

A commuter backpack with hydration from Osprey: $100

These packs weigh in at just over one pound and feature zippered hip belt pockets, an external hydration sleeve, front panel bungees, a LidLock helmet attachment and more. Perfect for hiking or run commuting.

And the bonus $20 gift card you'll get? That can go a long way too. You can pick up some new winter accessories such as some gloves or a hat. You can even walk out of the store with some brand spankin' new socks from Smartwool or Stance.

Here's what we'd buy if we had $20:

A Qalo Silicone Wedding Ring: $19.99

Worn by Olympic athletes such as Ashton Eaton & Brianne Theisen-Eaton and everyday heroes like firefighters, runners, husbands, and wives, QALO rings are a nice alternative for the athlete looking to protect their valuable wedding rings as they push their limits in everyday life.

An assortment of 6 RXBars: $3.00 a piece

We loves these things. RXBAR is a No B.S. (it says so right on the wrappers) company based out of Chicago.  All their bars contain 12 grams of protein making it the perfect go-to bar after a workout or whenever you need a quick bite to hold you over.  They don't contain any gluten, soy or dairy and come in intriguing flavors such as Gingerbread, Chocolate Sea Salt, Blueberry, Coconut Chocolate, and more.

Obviously, the options of what to spend your gift card on are pretty much endless inside the store, we're just giving you some ideas here. This promotion lasts until December 24th.

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