Ciele Athletics Hats Provide Style & Shade

Last summer we introduced Ciele Athletic hats to our running world here in Chicago and they were so successful we brought them back for this season. Ciele offers stylish 5-panel running hats in a variety of fun colors and silhouettes.

 GoCAP "ZOOM" (Special Edition)

The GoCAP "ZOOM" is a limited edition upgrade to the classic GoCAP featuring COOLwick ZM mesh across all 5 panels for a breathable run cap.

GoCAP "CLASSIC" (New Colors)




Ciele's OG GoCAP in brand new colors for summer. Which one matches your race day outfit? 

GoCAP "CENTURY" (Special Edition)

The GoCAP gets some pretty detailing upgrade in the CENTURY line 

TRLCap "CUBED" (Special Edition)


Trucker looks. Run performance. 

TRLCap "M" Team (Special Edition)

This is a meshed-out version of the TRLCap that you know and love. Stay cool. Look cooler.

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