We Reenacted the Top 3 Voted #ChicagoRunnerProblems During Our Photoshoot

Over the past few months, we partnered with Mizuno Running to highlight the Chicago running community's #ChicagoRunnerProblems.

We started by introducing the campaign and opening our website for your submissions. We gathered over 100 unique submissions from Facebook, Twitter, and our website. The Fleet Feet Sports Chicago team narrowed them down to 10, and the public voted on their top three.

The top three submissions were chosen for a photoshoot with Christian, our in-house photographer. Hilarity ensued. Check out the photographs and let us know if they relate to your Chicago running struggles on Instagram.



“When the first half of your run is into the wind, then you turn around and the second half of your run is...into the wind. #ChicagoRunnerProblems”. 

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Anyone who has ran the streets and paths of Chicago knows this struggle is far too real. No matter which direction you seem to turn, the wind is going against you. It defies weather and physics really. 



“Getting out in the winter for a long run and suddenly having the urge to go number 2 and all the bathrooms are closed and you start looking for places and possibilities just in case there is nothing you can do. Behind the building? Can you make it to Starbucks? How cold is the lake? How many miles am I from Navy Pier? Oh great there's a line for the bathroom at Navy Pier. #toomanylayers #donttrustthatfart #chicagorunnerproblems - @saraanderson84.

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Ah, yes. The dreaded closed bathrooms. When you're bundled up for a run, thinking about how you're about to urinate, let alone go number two, is a nightmare. Hey, maybe this campaign will convince the Chicago Park District to open those bathrooms year round. Fingers crossed.



"Deciding which tourist to play Red Rover with when they are walking five wide down the Lake Front Trail." #ChicagoRunnerProblems. 

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Thank you, Jason for tweeting to us what everyone was thinking. The classic oblivious tourists. Heck, even Chicago residents can be oblivious to the entire world on the Lakefront Path and know no proper Lakefront Path etiquette (blog on the proper etiquette coming soon).

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