February 1st-28th

What's In Your Running Tool Kit? | Fleet Feet Sports In-Store Promotion

Get a free Fleet Feet Sports trucker or performance hat when you purchase $50 or more of massage tools, compression, insoles, or nutrition throughout February.


Every runner should have their own 'tool kit'. Tools that help prevent injury. Tools that help combat soreness. Tools that promote quick recovery. Tools that keep you running season after season.

Whether you keep them in your nightstand, beside the couch, or sprawled out on the floor, these products are essential to keep your body in tip-top shape. To help keep your body in pristine condition, we're running an in-store promotion to help you fill up your own 'tool kit'.

Starting February 1st, when you spend $50 or more on select massage tools, compression items, insoles, nutrition, and hydration products, you'll get to choose between one of these awesome house-designed Fleet Feet Sports trucker and performance hats. A $30 value.


Wondering what's included in the promotion to get your free hat? Just look for the sign below in our stores.

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