Meet Angela Swain

What is your racing focus?

People, Places and Things

People: Who are some influential runners in your life? 
Michigan State team, coach Drenth.
Places: What is your favorite place to run and why? 
Central Park NY City. The why is too long for me to type right now, i’d Love to tell you in person.
Things: favorite running gear? 
Zoom Elite 9 for base training.

Race rituals

What is your go-to pre-workout or race meal?
It’s honestly always something different.
Do you have any specific pre-race rituals or superstitions? What are they?
I don’t drink any alcohol for the month leading into the race. I shower and shave the morning of the race.
What is your favorite way to celebrate a good race?
Gourmet burger, whiskey, dancing in that order.

Past and future

What is your most memorable running moment? 
My big brother leading me and my 2 little brothers as we ran on a boardwalk kn a like in the middle of a vicious thunderstorm, I was 12 and the rain felt like air soft pellets being shot at our faces and we all nearly blew away. The minute we got back home the sun came out.
What are some of your goals for 2018?
Break 2:50 in the marathon.



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