Meet Chris Robertson

What is your racing focus? 
Beer Mile to Marathon

People, Places and Things

People: Who are some influential runners in your life? 
I am motivated by my teammates setting PRs and raising the bar for Chicago running
Places: What is your favorite place to run and why? (in Chicago or anywhere)
Trails, especially moutains
Things: favorite running gear? 
Nike Streaks

Race rituals

What is your go-to pre-workout or race meal?
Standard pasta and veggies the night before a race
Do you have any specific pre-race rituals or superstitions? What are they?
Nope, I just make sure to get plenty of sleep and eat well
What is your favorite way to celebrate a good race?
A big burger, pizza, doughnuts, and/or cinnamon rolls

Past and future

What is your most memorable running moment? 
My first Flotrack Beer Mile in 2015, Chicago Marathon 2016, Beer Mile World Classic 2017
What are some of your goals for 2018?
PR in every distance, qualify for the 2020 Olympic Trials Marathon, break 4:40 in the beer mile

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