Meet James Akita

What is your racing focus?

People, Places and Things

People: Who are some influential runners in your life? 
High School Coach - Joe Newton / College Coach - Bob Schultz/Greg Huffaker
Places: What is your favorite place to run and why? 
Palos Heights - Little Red Trail
Things: favorite running gear? 
Any Nike Shoe

Race rituals

What is your go-to pre-workout or race meal?
Gummy Bears
Do you have any specific pre-race rituals or superstitions? What are they?
Lots of gummy bears
What is your favorite way to celebrate a good race?
Oat Soda

Past and future

What is your most memorable running moment? 
Qualifying for NCAA Track Nationals for the first time in college
What are some of your goals for 2018?
Be more consistent with my training = Race results will happen naturally



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