Meet Jane Bareikis

What is your racing focus?
Half Marathon


People, Places and Things

People: Who are some influential runners in your life? 
Eliud Kipchoge inspires me to be humble and keep simple life and that human is limited.
Places: What is your favorite place to run and why? 
Iten Kenya its best for runners 8000 feet alltitude
Things: favorite running gear? 
Nike pegasus shoes

Race rituals

What is your go-to pre-workout or race meal?
Ugali and Kales kenyan cuisine
Do you have any specific pre-race rituals or superstitions? What are they?
I just try to do my best everyday.
What is your favorite way to celebrate a good race?
I like to eat mcdonalds to reward myself.

Past and future

What is your most memorable running moment? 
First time in alttitude I ran 13 miles for my husbands 31st birthday as a present to him. Turn 13 around is 31. He was very happy because it was at altitude and i never ran more then 8 miles before. That day I knew i could be a good runner.
What are some of your goals for 2018?
Improve my PR last season and keep getting better each day. I am still new runner as I started running in 2017 so I want to give myself another 1 year before getting specific goals. For now I just listen to my body and do my best.



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