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Monday - 4/22/2013
Runners for Boston

Event Location: Fleet Feet Sports - Old Town & Lincoln Square

Event Time: 6:30pm

Here is a link to our photo gallery on Facebook for everyone to check out. Runners for Boston - a fun run to bring the community of runners together and show our support for those affected in Boston on Monday, April 15th - was a success. Thank you to everyone who joined us! We are ONE running community coming together to support a community that is an iconic symbol of running in America and to the world - BOSTON!


How can you support those affected by the bombings in Boston?

Runners for Boston shirts are still available at Fleet Feet Sports - Chicago locations. 100% of each shirt purchased will be donated to The One Fund.


Not in Chicago? Check with your local running store. Shirts will be available all around the country in a unified effort to support Boston.