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Spring Training

5K, 10K, 10 Mile & Half Marathon Training Program

Spring is an exciting time for a Chicago runner. The days grow longer, the lakefront path comes to life, and the local calendar fills with spectacular world-class races. Chicago Endurance Sports aims to get you in perfect shape to perform your best, offer wonderful amenities while you compete, and have you healthy and ready for summer running.

Chicago Endurance Sports Spring Training Program has something for everyone - 5K, 10K, a spring half marathon or Soldier Field 10 Mile. Aim for finishing your first race, capture that elusive PR or simply give yourself an excellent base for any of your summer running or triathlon goals.

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A team of more than 30 Chicago Endurance Sports coaches with years of experience give participants hands-on guidance through a customized 9-week (5K) or 12-week (10K or Half Marathon) training program featuring group runs twice a week while the Chicago Endurance Sports Pacers and Mentors provide assistance during weekly long runs to make sure participants follow their prescribed workouts at the right pace.

Participants follow a program tailored to your current fitness level preparing you to succeed at distances up to a half marathon (see the suggested races listed below). The mileage progression is also perfect for those planning to race the Shamrock Shuffle 8K in the midst of this training. Coaches are available daily via e-mail to answer specific questions or adjust training schedules to fit specific needs.

Ideal Target Races

You don't need to do a race to benefit from the Spring Training Program, but the following races fit the schedule:

  • Soldier Field 10 Mile (Feel like a champion with a fully supported race day experience with fantastic, winning amenities)
  • Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8K 
  • North Shore Classic Half Marathon
  • Ravenswood Run 5K
  • Madtown Half Marathon
  • Chicago Spring Half Marathon or 10K

Training Dates & Locations

Chicago Endurance Sports Spring Training Half Marathon Program will be available at four Chicagoland Fleet Feet Sports stores. Enjoy the expert knowledge, support and community atmosphere that Fleet Feet Sports is famous for. This also provides you with a warm and dry place to start, store personal gear in a secure location, and a place to meet, talk or go out for brunch or coffee with your running buddies after long runs.

Group training sessions are held twice a week at each location:

  • Fleet Feet Sports: Old Town (1706 N. Wells Street, Chicago)
    • Wednesday: 6:30 p.m.
    • Saturday: 7:30 a.m. (run-walk pace group) & 7:50 a.m. (run only pace group)
  • Fleet Feet Sports: Lincoln Square (4762 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago)
    • Thursday: 6:30 p.m.
    • Sunday: 7:30 a.m.
  • Fleet Feet Sports: South Loop (150 W. Roosevelt, in the Roosevelt Collection)
    • Tuesday: 6:30 p.m.
    • Saturday: 7:30 a.m.
  • Fleet Feet Sports: Elmhurst (124 W. Schiller Street)
    • Tuesday: 6:30 p.m. (half marathon athletes)
    • Wednesday: 6:30 p.m. (5K & 10K athletes)
    • Saturday: 7:30 a.m. (all groups)

Pick the location that works the best for you. If you can't make it to your regular location, you can still join another group at another location.

First Group Training Session Dates

  • Old Town, Elmhurst & South Loop: Saturday, March 3rd
  • Lincoln Square: Sunday, March 4th

For a little more detail on what happens at those sessions, read on.

Weekday Workouts (we'll meet at the store, then head out for our run)

  • These mid-week runs will focus on form, strength and speed. Our coaching staff will be present to help teach, challenge and provide motivation.

Weekend Workouts (we'll meet at the store, then head out for our run)

  • These workouts are reserved for long, slow distance runs so important to the success of endurance runners. Pacers and Mentors are available to guide you at the appropriate pace. Our coaches also run with you to motivate and help you with any concerns or questions that arise.

Restrooms, changing rooms, secure gear storage and water are available at all of our group training sessions.



New Members


Group Training (Half Marathon or 10K: 12 Weeks)

(Does NOT INCLUDE Race Entry)
$199 $179

Group Training (5K: 9 Weeks)

(INCLUDES registration to Soldier Field 10 Mile)
$199 $179

Virtual Training

(Does NOT INCLUDE Race Entry)
$94 $84

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* Race registration processing fees are included into the price.

Please note: Unless otherwise stated, race entry fees are NOT included with the training program fees — you are responsible for race registration and all fees that apply to that registration.

No refunds will be provided in full or in part for any reason, including injury, after a program begins. No prorated fees are provided for late enrollments. 

Spring Training Half Marathon Program Benefits

Not only do you have fun, but you get great stuff like this:

  • 12 weeks of wonderful, spring training to motivate you through the cold weather and get in shape for the summer.
  • Chicago Endurance Sports branded Under Armourpremium apparel item for group training registrants.
    • Sizes available on a first come first serve basis. Don't wait to pick up your gear.
  • A warm, dry place to start and finish the runs, store your gear and go for coffee.
  • Fantastic amenities at the Soldier Field 10 Mile that will make you feel like a champion include private gear check and restrooms, pre-race Gatorade and water, post-race food and beer and race day packet pickup. *
  • Professional, experienced (and nice) coaches. (More details)
  • Personalized, daily training schedule for all levels.
  • Running and run-walk support from the Chicago Endurance Sports Pace Team.(More details)
    • Pace leaders and group mentors for various paces and distances.
  • Weekly newsletter with tips on training and program updates.
  • Q&A at all weekly training sessions with our coaches.
  • Coached group training — twice per week.
  • Smart ID shoe tag so you are safe on the run.
  • EXCLUSIVE product and service promotions.
  • Educational seminars & clinics. (More info below)

*If you sign up for Spring Training, Soldier Field 10 Mile
**In order to reduce congestion at the start of our group runs on Saturdays at our Old Town location, we will be staggering the start times:

Soldier Field 10 Mile Race Day Resort

Enjoy a championship race-day experience at the Soldier Field 10 Mile on May 28th. The Chicago Endurance Sports Spring Training Half Marathon Program Hospitality Resort will provide fantastic amenities worthy of a luxury box on the 50-yard line. Get your own "locker room" with private gear check and restrooms. Fuel up for your race with Clif Bar, Gatorade and water. Then celebrate your effort and achievement with your teammates and enjoy beer and food — and not having to wait in long lines.

Spring Training Half Marathon Program + Soldier Field 10 Mile Race Combo

You can now register for training and pay for the Soldier Field 10 Mile in one easy payment. When the race price increases, we will retain the original race registration price. This offer is for a limited time only.

Clinics & Seminars

If you truly want to reach your goals, you need to do more than just put in the miles. Our expert speakers will present clinics on a variety of topics including:

  • Core & Strength Training
  • Injury Prevention & Flexibility
  • Food as Fuel: Sports Nutrition
  • Using Technology to enhance Training
  • Good Form Running — become a more efficient runner!
  • Mental Skills Training

Are You Ready For Training?

Free Four Week Base Training Plan.

Click here to download.

Our Coaching Staff

We're extremely proud of our professional, experienced coaching staff — —they always go the extra mile to make sure you have a fun, successful training season! Why is it so important to have qualified coaches? They can:

  • Evaluate your current fitness level and goals to make sure you are training at an appropriate level
  • Evaluate your current fitness level and goals to make sure you are training at an appropriate level
  • Evaluate and suggest ways to improve your running form
  • Assist you if you need to adjust your training schedule, in the event of an injury or missed training due to travel or life in general
  • Motivate and challenge you to reach your goals in a smart, safe & effective manner

Click here for more information or to reach out to any of our awesome coaches! 

Virtual Training

Live too far away and can't make it to the group workouts? Schedule conflicts keep you from making any of the group training sessions?

Here's the solution, the Virtual Training option. You'll receive your daily training schedule and coaching support online (via Training Peaks), access to race day amenities, as well as the weekly email newsletter with coaching tips, race updates and more. The virtual program is a unique way to train on your own with virtual support from a helpful team of coaches. 

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Please contact us at or call 866-237-7861 for more information.

Spring Training: 5K, 10K, 10-Mile & Half Marathon | Chicago Endurance Sports More Info »

Program Start: Old Town, South Loop and Elmhurst, Saturday, March 11th; Lincoln Square, Sunday, March 12th
Program Schedule: 12- week Training Programs. Locations and times vary.
Goal Race: Soldier Field 10 Mile
Program Fee: + Group Training Only $194; + Group Training and Race Entry $259; + Virtual Training ONLY $89; + Virtual Training and Race Entry $154 (Special Program Pricing for CES Alumni)
Description: CES Spring Training is an all encompassing training program that will prepare you for the Fleet Feet Sports Soldier Field 10 Mile, a spring half marathon, and give you an excellent base for any of your summer running or triathlon goals.
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